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Christmas Tree & Cabin 16" Pillow with LED Lights
Christmas Tree & Cabin 16" Pillow with LED Lights - from $14.99
ST Polyester
ISBN - UPC - 661371437873 SKU - GNZEX24805-ST Part# - GNZEX24805
Get into the holiday spirit with the festive Christmas Tree & Cabin 16 inch Pillow w/ LED Lights.
Sweet Cabin DreamsSadly, not every Christmas vacation can be spent watching the snow fall gently on the pines. Though you and yours just love escaping to the cabin, some years it simply doesn't work out. Have no fear, for now you can bring the magic of moonlit nights, fresh pine air, and cozy nights by the hearth into your home with this Christmas Tree & Cabin Pillow w/ LED Lights! This plush little throw pillow even has something the cabin doesn't—working electricity! Lined with lights, this accent item adds interest to your Christmas couch and brings the cozy cabin vibes to you, even in the city.Fun DetailsPrinted with a snowy woods and cabin theme, this 16" square pillow plays to your nature-loving sensibilities. There are removable LED lights that can glow for 6 hours, and it only requires AA batteries to bring the magic to light! So go ahead and break out the board games, heat up the cocoa, and snuggle into your warmest wool socks—once you add this cabin pillow to the mix, the scent of pine needles and woodsmoke practically waft in along with it.Cabin FeverJust be aware: every single person who visits your house this holiday season is going to pine for this pillow. Better stock up and have a few on hand to give out as gifts!
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