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Folkmanis Orange Tabby Kitten 8" Puppet
Folkmanis Orange Tabby Kitten 8" Puppet - from $17.99
ST Polyester
ISBN - UPC - 638348028457 SKU - FOL2845-ST Part# - FOL2845
This Folkmanis Orange Tabby Kitten 8 inch Puppet is perfect for your barnyard puppet show! This 8 Inch orange tabby kitty will be a hit!
Curious Case of CatsCats are curious creatures, aren’t they? We’ve been studying them for a while and we’ve come to a few disconcerting conclusions on the animals.First, they’re evil geniuses. Our cat has figured out how to get on top of the refrigerator. He hides there and waits to ambush anyone who walks into the kitchen. Second, they don’t care about your rules. Our cat likes to unravel toilet paper rolls all over the bathroom floor. Lastly, they are petty beings and are quick to exact vengeance upon you. If you’re ever a minute late filling their food bowl up with their favorite food, you will pay. It might not be now, but later tonight, when you’re sleeping, your cat will probably start meowing really loudly in your ear to make sure that you can’t get a good night’s sleep.Fun DetailsThe Orange Tabby Kitten Puppet isn’t a real cat. It won’t wait to ambush you. It won’t leave messes for you to clean up. It won’t exact revenge on you for some unknown crime you committed against it. The fluffy puppet is inanimate and you get to control all of his movements (something you can’t ever say about any real cat). It’s covered in soft faux fur and makes for a perfect addition to any puppet collection.Obedient PuppetSo, head our conclusions on cats. If you want a fluffy buddy to be your friend, but don’t want to deal with a real cat’s plotting ways, then just get this cat puppet instead.
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