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Star Wars Lightsaber Academy Battling Game
Star Wars Lightsaber Academy Battling Game - from $69.99
ST Plastic
ISBN - UPC - 630509766345 SKU - EEDHSE3026-ST Part# - EEDHSE3026
Fight like you are in the Star Wars Saga, with this interactive Star Wars Lightsaber Academy Battling System. Plays on your TV for hours of epic lightsaber battles.
Complete Your TrainingEveryone knows that whether you're trying to study from the Jedi Masters of the Grand Council or even trying to survive a Sith Apprenticeship that, eventually, it's going to come down to your skills with the Lightsaber. Unfortunately, they don't really make training sabers that will ever feel right in your hands.That's why they've got training droids to help get you situated. Of course, once you've got the basic skills, it is finally time to face down a holographic version of a true foe. You've completed your initial training. Now it is time to see what you can do with your Lightsaber against a true challenge. Fun DetailsEnjoy hours of Star Wars entertainment with this Jedi Academy Battle Game. This is a plug-and-play game system that helps transport you and yours to a galaxy far, far away. The game system plugs into your television through AV cords. Sit the Battle Droid system on the top or bottom of your TV and point the infrared camera directly towards the player. The Lightsaber controller has reflective paint to catch your movements. Complete training simulations and then face down everyone from Qui-gon Jinn and Darth Vader to Master Yoda, himself! Become a True MasterDestiny awaits. It is time for the training to come to an end and for a new Master of the Force to arise. With this Jedi Academy Battle Game, soon, you and yours will prove who has the best Lightsaber skills in the galaxy. 
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